Swasthya Sewa Prakalp started Special Health Camps at three locations-Village Saraswan (Arjunganj), Village Mahigavan (Bakshi ka Talab) and Madhav Seva Ashram premises (SGPGI). The camp is help once a week on all three locations from 10.30 to 12.30 where free distribution of medicines is done after the checkup. It started with three days as Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which changed in between as and when required. On each centre, the average number of patients was between 150 to 250.

In 2007-08, this service was increased to 6 camps with locations being changed as required. Only Madhav Sewa Ashram is the fixed location. The camps now happen on all week days except Sunday. About 6000-9000 patients make use of this facility every year. Till March 2020, around 1.5 lakh patients had taken the benefit of this project.

Only because of Corona Pandemic, this service has been temporarily halted. As soon as the situation improves, this service will start again.