On September 20, 1994, Swasthya Sewa Prakalp of the Nyas, with the target to fulfill its aim of providing the proper health facility to the socially and financially weakest section of our society, took a small step with a large vision and started a Mobile Medical Van facility for the slum colonies. In 1995-96, the total number of beneficiaries was 9463. Slowly the number of colonies and the number of patients increased.

To expand to more and more colonies, from January 1, 1999, Swasthya Sewa Prakalp in association with District Urban Development Authority (DUDA) selected 34 slum colonies and with State Urban Development Authority (SUDA) selected 25 colonies to run the Health Centres with the help of Mobile Medical Vans. This step resulted in a sharp increase in the number of beneficiaries that year onwards.

From January 1, 1999 to December 31, 1999, the total patients using the facility were 61689 (with DUDA) and 39521 (with SUDA). Next year, the facility was increased from 59 to 85 slum colonies.

The mobile medical van used to visit once in a week to every colony. The day and time was fixed for each colony. Free distribution of medicines was also a prime feature of it.

This service continued till 2003-04 after which it had to be discontinued because of some reasons beyond the control of the Nyas. Till that time, 3,55,106 patients had used the facility.

Much before that time, the Nyas had already started the similar facility in six colonies, other than the colonies covered in this project, using the mobile medical vans which is still continuing.