Swasthya Sewa Prakalp took an initiative to make a selected area free from Cataract and eye related diseases. To do that, planning was made to held the camps for 8-10 days in the selected areas every year. In this camp, the patients are testing for any eye ailment. If required, then the patient is referred to the pre-selected Hospital for the cataract surgery. After the surgery, the patient is given the spectacles. The whole service remains Free for the patient. The medical staff of different hospitals provide their services for the noble cause.

In the first year, i.e. 1995, around 250 patients got their eyes checked, out of which 77 had to undergo the cataract operation. The camp is being organised every year since its beginning with 2008-09 being the only exception. In some years, the camps were organised in more than one colonies as per requirement. Till March 31, 2020, a total of 10459 patients came for the testing and 4039 operations for Cataract were performed.