A prayer meeting was organized in Lucknow on 13th May 1993, the first death anniversary of Shri Bhaorao ji Deoras, to pay homage to the departed soul. The Indebted Nation and disciples were wondering how to pay their homage to this Visionary Karmayogi. The meeting was presided over by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who gave vent to the feelings of all present when he said, “Shradheya Bhau Rao Deorasjee wished that common man especially those staying in hamlets and dwellings: Harijans (Dalits), tribals (vanvasis), Hill people (Girijans) and others staying in villages and urban slums under the conditions of utter poverty, social and economic backwardness, exploited and un-cared for centuries need special attention. They should be provided with necessary education, health and other facilities and support appropriate to the Indian cultural milieu to enable them to achieve self-sufficiency and pride, so that they can participate in Nation’s mainstream to create a homogeneous and strong India.”
He had overwhelming concern for Tribals and their environment, loss of forest dwellings and habitat, rich traditions and abject poverty and he was full of compassion to work for them. In his last days he wanted every Swayamsewak to devote his life for service of the poor and weak. What would have made him feel happy was a smile on the face of socially and economically weaker section of the society and it was possible through education, health & wealth which symbolises a resurgent India.

It was decided to form a trust in the name of Shradheya Bhaurao ji to continue his work for rural and urban downtrodden. On 29th December, the Trust with the name Bhaorao Deoras Seva Nyas was founded. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was its founder President. It was established with the aim to work for the whole country. It’s headquarter is in Lucknow. Nyas got registered on 31st December 1993 in Lucknow as a trust, a non-profit organisation, with the Registration No. as IV/181/353-371/1513