Bhaorao Deoras Seva Nyas together with “Vidyabharti” has been paying attention to the educational facilities being run for poor and weak sections of the society. On first anniversary of the Nyas, it organised a conference of educationists to exchange thoughts on how to make the free education available to poor. Two such conferences in year 1995 and 1996 helped to crystallise the issues and prepare strategies to deal with them effectively. These conferences were held under the leadership of Sh. Govind Narain Mishr and Prof Devendra Pratap Singh, the educational luminaries, and under the direction of Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then chairman of the Nyas.

In the history of mankind, the civilization and sense of culture had blown in the oriental society. The knowledge of physics and metaphysics reached to the state of par excellence in the topography between Saraswati and Gangetic valley. Sages of India realised and perceived the hidden meaning of creation and its illustrious creator. Their transcendental knowledge could explain the universe and its Omni creator.

From the golden treasure of oriental knowledge we could know that this earth had its first dawn on “Chaitra Shukla Pratipada”, that is the first day of second half of Indian spring, Basant. Our ancient astrologers and their paragon mathematical calculations taught us the science of geography and the pure knowledge of astrology and astronomy.

To inculcate this lineage of knowledge to the new generation and to show our dedicated mark of respect, citizens of Varanasi along with members of Sanskar Bharti celebrate religious-cultural extravagance on the eve of new year (Varsha Pratipada) on the bank of holy Ganga at the open air arena of Dashashwamedh Ghat. Millions participate in these functions irrespective of caste or class differences.